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The SIO SYSTEM diaper has been very carefully designed to the changing needs of the child.

It consists of a snap system to snap in the SIO soaker pads. Thanks to this system the diaper is able to fit newborn babies up to toddlers because of its adjustable size settings.

The PUL fabric does not come in contact with the baby’s skin but is designed to ensure air circulation and maintain a constant temperature in the diaper. We use the best thermo-regulating fabric, which is also used in extreme sports due to it breathable nature. This fabric is certified with the OEKO TEX Standard 100 and Bluesign CERTIFICATE.

The SIO/SYSTEM diaper contains:

  1. An elastic band located in the leg gussets that does not constrain nor limit the child’s movement when the baby is crawling or walking.
  2. The combination of PUL fabric and thermo-regulating material designed to ensure constant air circulation inside the diaper. The second PUL insert protects the diaper from leakage allowing to use another soaker pad without changing the diaper. This is makes it convenient when going for long walks, as a whole set of diapers does not need to be carried.
  3. A double row of snaps and an elastic band on the leg gussets firmly holds the diapers, protecting the clothes and avoiding messes. The PUL flap situated in the front of the diaper protects from leakage and keeps clothes dry.