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The SHELL is designed to be a more economical option of diapering.  5  – 6 shells and several soaker pads are enough to diaper a child.

Mommy Mouse diaper  is compatible with all Mommy Mouse system soaker pads as well as terry diapers. Like the SIO diapers, the SHELL has elastic PUL leg gussets to contain messes. It also has an airy mesh which protects the baby’s skin. The shell is form fitting and at the same time very absorbent.Thanks to its ONE SIZE flexibility it can substitute other types of diapers in the market.

XL SHELL diaper is designed for larger babies.  A perfect option for night use. It is wider and longer than the standard shell diaper. It protects children who need a large amount of soaker pads or a very absorbent forming diaper.

You can put soaker pads, forming diapers or terry nappies into the shell.  There are no snaps, pockets or inserts which give you a wider choice when  it comes to choosing the type of insert you want to use.  You can use anything that has the ability to absorb.

The XL shell combined with the  Junior and Escort inserts are perfect for long nights.

The XL Shell is very similar to the One Size because it has got an airy mesh and a Mommy Mouse no crush system in the flap that leaves no imprints on the child’s skin.



The AIO diaper has a built in NO-CRUSH SYSTEM that has been designed especially for new born babies. Its design takes into account the specific requirements of the child from the first moments of life.

The AIO diaper has got an umbilical cord cut-out to help new parents take care for their babies cord stump. The cut out keeps the diaper from rubbing onto the stump and lets the air in giving the navel a chance to heal.

The interior oval cutouts are finished with an airflow mesh material  which ensures constant air circulation and thermoregulation in the diaper.

A delicate elastic allows for precise and adjustment of the diaper without causing any imprints the child’s skin

Mommy Mouse no-crush system  diapers won an award “Child Friendly Product of the year” in the Mother & Baby Trade Fair Warsaw  in 2017.