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Easy to use just like disposable diaper. Just insert soaker pads into the diaper pockets and change when soiled.

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The colourful outer layer is made of waterproof PUL material that protects the child’s clothing from leakage.

A soaker pad slides inside the pocket and helps absorb any moisture. Pocket diapers absorbency can be adjusted according to how many soaker pads you use. Soaker pads allows the diaper to dry much quicker than if it was sewn in since the soaker pad and the diaper can both dry separately after washing.  The Pocket diaper combined with soaker pads is a perfect, easy and breathable way to diaper children.

There are 3 different types of pocket diapers.

  • MICRO FLEECE that drains the moisture from the child’s skin and provides a pleasant feeling of dryness. The fleece is high quality, extremely soft and is certified with the OEKO -TEX Standard 100 and Blue sign CERTIFICATE that regulates the temperature inside the diaper.
  • SILKY COTTON 100% cotton organic which ensures children with sensitive skin an extremely delicate natural experience.
  • THERMO AIR ensures excellent thermo-ventilation for the child’s skin which is a good option for hot weather. The fabric is used in the production of high quality sportswear. It is breathable and its thermo-regulating qualities gives the child a sense of dryness. Thanks to its structure, the material immediately absorbs moisture onto the soaker pad. Thermo – Air is ideal for those who are sensitive to fleece. It is the perfect solution for the summer, minimizing the risk of nappy rash.

The colourful outer layer is made of waterproof PUL material that protects the child’s clothing from leakage.  The weave and knit type on the outer PUL fabric has been designed and manufactured for Mommy Mouse using our guidelines.  We wanted to achieve the best and unique PUL material that would softly envelope the child, at the same time making it waterproof and ensuring the clothes stay dry. This was not an easy undertaking.