SIO Travel Polar(soaker pad + booster)

///SIO Travel Polar(soaker pad + booster)

SIO Travel Polar(soaker pad + booster)

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The SIO Travel Polar set includes a soaker pad and a booster.  The Polar-Air absorbent body consists of layers of thick and highly absorbent microfiber closed on one side with a thermoregulatory material and on the other side a microfleece

100% absorbency immediately after the first wash.

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SIO Travel soaker pads are designed for long journeys, car trips or long walks.

The pads have hourglass shape like other SIO soaker pads but with a no-crush system that does not allow moisture. Inside the pad is a waterproof and vapour-permeable insert, which additionally protects the SIO diaper from soaking. Thanks to these additional anti-moisture measures, you can minimize luggage while traveling by taking one or two SIO diapers and several travel soaker pads for the whole day.