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I. General Terms and Conditions

  1. The rules and regulations define the general rules for entering into a sales agreement via the Online Store at www.mommymouse.com.pl. By placing an order, the Customer accepts these Rules and Regulations.
  2. Customers may obtain information on the orders placed in the Online Store via email address biuro@mommymouse.com.pl
  3. The corresponding address to the www.mommymouse.com.pl online store is

Plac Tadeusza Kościuszki 7
32-640 ZATOR

 II. Placement of Orders

  1. Orders for goods are accepted through an online store www.mommymouse.com.pl on the basis of a complete and correct filling of the order form. In the case of suspicion of false data, the store reserves the right to terminate the contract.
  2. Orders are executed in the order they are received until stocks last.
  3. Orders are processed in the shortest possible time-frame. However, the time of products’ dispatch depends on their manufacturing process.
  4. In the absence of stock of goods ordered, the customer will be informed immediately. It may happen that some articles presented at the online shop may already be sold out.

III. Wholesale

  1. Sale of goods is done via the Internet store where all information available in the warehouse is presented.
  2. The Online store carries wholesale and individual transactions.

IV. Payment

  1. All prices at www. mommymouse.com.pl are in Polish zlote (PLN) . Prices are inclusive of Polish VAT at the applicable rate, charged to all purchases made in the European Union.
  1. Methods of payment for the goods ordered are as follows:
    – PayU – electronic payment by credit card or debit card
    – Pay the courier upon delivery of the goods
    – Cash
    – Bank transfers
    ING Bank Slaski SA 70 1050 1100 1000 0090 3077 1779
  1. Each order is issued with an invoice or a receipt which is the document of purchase and is issued after each transaction.
  2. The Seller is an active VAT payer registered for the purposes of transactions conducted within the EU.
  3. The price listed next to each product is binding once an order has been placed by the Customers.

V. Complaints and returns

  1. Each product purchased at www.mommymouse.com.pl can be returned upon a notification sent to the Seller within 14 days from the delivery date.
  2. All products available in the shop come with the Seller’s warranty.
  3. The warranty does not cover any accidental or intentional mechanical damage (such as tears, slits, etc.) nor damage caused by negligence or misuse of the product.
  4. Any product sent back to the Seller for complaint purposes must be accompanied by an email or a statement of complaint, describing the reason for complaint and circumstances that resulted in the product’s faultiness. Customers should also provide their full name, address, order ID number and specify their expectations on how the complaint should be handled (exchange for another product of the same type, repair, cash refund).
  5. Any product complaint will not be processed without a receipt or invoice
  6. Complaints will be processed within 14 days after the package was delivered to the Seller. The Customer will be notified about the actions resulting from the filed complaint.
  7. The Customer will cover all shipping fees connected with the complaint. After the complaint is processed and the customer complaint is valid then the money used to cover shipping fees is reimbursed
  8. Goods damaged will be replaced with a new one. If it is not possible to replace the goods due to lack of stock we will reimburse the equivalent of the purchased goods.

VI. Shipping

  1. Shipping fees are covered by the Customer.
  2. Shipping fees are listed at www.mommymouse.com.pl
  3. The Seller ships orders to Poland, EU member states and most of the other countries in the world, through a parcel carrier.
  4. Items shipped to countries outside the EU may be subject to additional charges, such as customs clearance or legally required taxes.
  5. Availability is listed separately for each product at www.mommymouse.com.pl and the shipping time is calculated depending on the date the payment reached the Seller’s account.
  6. Parcels are delivered on weekdays only.
  7. On delivery customer should pay attention to whether the package is originally packed. If the customer finds any signs of damage and opens the parcel in the presence of the courier the customer can than successfully claim damages from the courier company.

VII. Final Provisions

  1. Customers can access, download and print these Rules and regulations any time through link found on the main site www.mommymouse.com.pl
  2. Rights to all trademarks and names rest with the Seller and were used in the online shop for the purpose of presenting products on offer.
  3. Seller has full authority to change prices and quantities of goods offered in the store
  4. Seller has full authority to withdraw goods offered in the store
  5. Seller has full authority to introduce new products in the store.

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