A brand created for women who are aware of their femininity, in harmony with nature.

Menstrual underwear (2)

Sanitary pads (9)

Incontinence pads (13)

Cosmetic and hygienic accessories (6)

Other (6)

A brand created by a woman for women.

Femininity is a very broad concept. It is associated with identity, sexuality, playing roles as well as with external manifestations of femininity, such as appearance or beauty.

All suggestions and solutions are only to remind each of us – that Conscious Woman

…knows he is a sovereign Being…
…wants to live life to the full and enjoy it
the greatest gifts
…has dignity, grace, respect for life
… feels good about herself, loves her own femininity
…is distinguished by self-respect and self-confidence
…knows that being a woman is a gift
…is aware that she deserves the best

Be the Queen of your Life and the Lady of your Safe Space…

For women
aware of their

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