Thermo – Air

Thermo – Air

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Thermo – Air  fabric is used in the production of high quality sportswear. It is breathable and its thermos-regulating qualities gives the child a sense of dryness. Thanks to its structure, the material immediately absorbs moisture onto the soaker pad. It  is ideal for children who are sensitive to fleece and prone to nappy rash.

Thermo – Air soaker pads with quick drying micro fibres are composed of three layers of highly absorbent micro-fibers encased in thermo-regulating material. The micro-fibre fabric is manufactured in Poland according to the Mommy Mouse guidelines. The fabric is breathable, soft and does not stiffen after washing. Thanks to its structure the fabric absorbs the moisture quickly, as it spreads evenly, achieving maximum absorption all over the pad. The thermo-regulating layer allows you to place the pad into the fleece pockets. The pad is extremely gentle and soft to the child’s skin.

The pads come in three sizes:

  • S size from 4kg to 6kg [28 x 11 cm]
  • M size from 6kg to 10kg [31 x 12cm]
  • L size from 10kg + [36.5 x 13 cm]


100% absorbency immediately after the first wash.

Extremely flexible and soft just like disposable diapers.Shell Soaker pads are exceptionally soft and absorbent. They dry up quickly and include a snap system where the SIO system Pads and SIO booster pads that can be snapped in. This allows diapers to remain locked in one position and also increases their absorption.

Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 17 × 15 × 3 cm