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Average baby needs to wear diapers for the first 2.5 years and that is 21 900 hours spent in material clothing. This is why you should check the diaper available on the market and choose those that will suit your baby best.

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Loving mum = prudent mum!

While waiting for your baby to come you should maintain moderation and follow the mother’s voice of reason. But before all that, you should gain knowledge of the basic needs of the baby, especially in the first weeks of its life.

The children’s diaper is – without a doubt – an indispensable part of each baby. By choosing the reusable diapers, you do the right thing for the sake of your child.

Check before you buy!

It may seems trite but parents want to provide their child with the very best. Therefore, the choice of a reusable diaper should be well thought-out. Ideally when diapers taken into consideration meet the four crucial requirements which are listed below.


  • They consist of natural material that gently adheres to the skin of a baby.
  • They minimize the risk of allergy, nappy rash or chafe.
  • They support the proper development of hip joints.
  • They reduce the risk of sore spots thanks to the proper thermocirculation inside the diaper.
  • They maintain the optimal temperature and thereby preventing overheating of boy’s testicles.
  • They do not contain chemical substances or toxic absorbers that transform urine into gel. Preservatives and fragnances should also not be contained in reusable diapers although they are present in disposable diapers. The constantly thickening absorbent layer (chemical) of disposable diapers extends the time between diaper change which adversely affects, among other things, the urinary tract or the skin of a child.


  • You buy diapers only once and they are always at hand.
  • The unpleasant smell becomes a memory.
  • The content of the diaper should be easily removed.
  • The diapers should help the child learn physiological processes and the child will stop using diapers quicker.
  • They should be pleasant to touch, soft, functional and colourful.
  • Parents should see what and in what quantities a child excretes.
  • You may wash the diapers every 2-3 days.


  • If you buy the necessary and recommended number of diapers (without hoarding) still it will cost you 50% less than disposable diapers. The only downside is that the cost is not spread over one year but over the first few months of baby’s life.
  • You may use diapers with another child in your family.
  • There is a secondary market where you may sell unnecessary diapers and retrieve some of the money.


  • With reusable diapers you have a positive impact on the environment. You support the Mother Nature.
  • You minimize the waste production significantly – each child uses around 6000 disposable diapers in 2.5 years, resulting in 6000 litres of trash.
  • You may save some money on refuse collection.
  • You protect the nature – the product plastic contained in a disposable diaper requires about a glass of oil and – the product paper contained in a disposable diaper requires about 4 or 5 trees cut down.
  • Educational aspect – you teach your children how to use things many times.

Use our Mommy Mouse shopping list!

For the comfort of use and before all for the safety and needs of your child you will need:

Provide optimal conditions for your baby!Mommy Wyprawka 2

The choice of absorbent layer (inserts) depends on your preferences – the simplicity or budget – or the level of absorbency and the comfort of your child. If you want to use relatively cheap terry cotton, then the choice of dedicated inserts is falling significantly. If you can afford buying more expensive diapers with dedicated newborn inserts then you need to buy more of them. You should have at least as many diapers as often you change your child per day. And don’t forget to have a small stash. The Shell inserts in size S can also be used in the newborn shell diaper. Later on, when your child is a bit older you may use them as boosters that will increase the absorbency.

The Dry Diaper insert will serve a moisture insulator with a not fully soaked insert or when your child doesn’t tolerate wet clothing on its skin. Diaper liners or Dry Diaper inserts will serve perfectly to prevent the content of the diaper from getting out. They will protect the insert and the shell diaper against dirt.

Your diapering ”must have”!

  • The lactation inserts with natural and cotton inner layer that comes in contact with the delicate skin of breasts or with cooling CoolMax layer.
  • The reusable bamboo and cotton wipes will clean your child perfectly. They are imbued with water that does not contain detergents. You may store them in a waterproof PUL bag. When you want to wash them, just put them into a mesh bag that will protect them in a washing machine.
  • PUL diaper bag – perfect when outside – you may store the spare diapers and transport the used ones. The zip protects diaper against wet and unpleasant smells.
  • Changing mat , made in a way so that it is handy, useful and practical. It serves as a perfect blanket which you lay your child on. Indispensible in many situations outside – also a perfect choice for a cover.

Wait joyfully for your baby with Mommy Mouse!

This set especially prepared for an infant provides the mother with certainty that she will give her child the best. She protects it from the moment of its birth and at the same time provides it with necessary accessories during diapering period.

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