S-AIO is an acronym of Snap All-In-One.

The diaper has been designed to the changing needs of the child. Its design takes into account the specific requirements of the child from the first moments of life.

The S-AIO ROYAL is a very carefully designed diaper that includes the best qualities of our diapers such as the AIO, the SIO or the Pocket diaper.

The diaper was designed in three available sizes – S, M, L – that are adjusted to the weight and the body of children in various stages of development.

The outer part consists of the waterproof PUL including a single horizontal row of fastening snaps and a single vertical row of system snaps thereby making the diaper fit perfectly to the body of a child.

Besides, the S-AIO ROYAL diaper includes the velcro set that allows changing the type of the clasp easily – from snaps into velcro and reversely depending on the needs of the child and the preferences of the parents.

This interchangeable type of clasp is a very comfortable solution for the most demanding.

The absorbent part of the diaper is a pocket that opens at the front and back of the diaper. This allows you to conveniently arrange the absorbent part inside the diaper. This accelerates the drying process in the interior of the diaper ensures other important aspects such as:

  • The high absorbency of the diaper without additional inserts
  • Flexibility and simplicity of the absorbent layers
  • Stability of the absorbent area thanks to the insert
  • Possibility to adjust the level of booster absorbency
  • accelerated drying process of the insert and the interior of the diaper

Inside the S-AIO ROYAL there is a layer of very absorbent unbleached cotton-bamboo terry and a layer of unbleached and certified organic cotton.

The long, simple hourglass insert (an additional booster can be attached) is fixed to the diaper permanently with the possibility to fasten/unfasten the tab on the other side.

The 3-layer insert was designed in order to attain a three-step simple folding, at the same time allowing to adjust the level of absorbency by folding the parts of the insert.

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S-AIO Royal Diaper