JUNIOR INSERTS have an hourglass shape with a large absorbent surface that is intended for children over 12 kg.

The internal layer is made of *MMAIS - ONE  which is a very absorbent material that has been produced specifically for Mommy Mouse.

We offer 4 types of JUNIOR inserts.

  1. JUNIOR MICRO FLEECE are made of a combination of micro fleece fabric giving a feeling of dryness and comfort to the newborn baby's skin.
  2. JUNIOR THERMO fabric is used in the production of high quality sportswear. It is breathable and its thermo -regulating qualities gives the child a sense of coolness and dryness.
  3. JUNIOR SILKY – 100% natural cotton satin fabric. The children with sensitive skin are ensured contact with extremely delicate and natural material.
  4. JUNIOR BAMBOO – very absorbent quick-drying inserts with hydro-terry layers * MMAIS - ONE reinforced with 100% natural bamboo terry

PUL-ESCORT ADDITIONAL INSERTS  have a special layer composed of Thermo and waterproof PUL and can be used together with JUNIOR INSERTS  which gives additional protection from soaking and preventing it from penetrating further into the cover.

  • Junior XL is an insert designed for children who are transitioning from diapers to everyday underwear. The pul escort inserts work together very well with the XL shell. For better protection during the night the Pul escort insert. If necessary, it can be strengthened with the Junior insert or the SIO isert in L/XL.

* MMAIS – ONE (MOMMY MOUSE ACTIV INSERT– ONE) fabric is a very absorbent material that has been produced specifically for Mommy Mouse. With several years of experience in reusable diapers we have been able to design a material that has exceptional parameters of absorption and thermoregulation. The material ideally fits perfectly between the legs and allows for proper motor development of children. MMAIS - ONE is certified with the OEKO -TEX Standard 100 and Blue sign CERTIFICATE.

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