The NIGHT PLUS and NIGHT SOFT  hourglass SHAPED inserts are an integral part of the SIO system absorbent inserts system especially for night diapers.

Night Plus and Night Soft are detachable boosters - an additional absorbent layer attached to the correct insert from the SIO system. Attaching NIGHT PLUS or NIGHT PLUS  to other SIO inserts strengthens the diaper's absorbency.

We always use Night-Plus and Soft inserts together with SIO / SYSTEM inserts.

  • SIO Night-Plus absorbent insert is made of two layers of highly absorbent bamboo terry and a thermoregulatory material at the bottom of the insert. The insert has press snaps to which the selected SIO insert is attached. In this way, we can choose what kind of insert should be for the child's skin, and the detachable night insert is to extremely strengthen the absorbency of the diaper (the insert is best used in the SIO diaper and shell).
  • SIO Night -Soft absorbent insert is made of three layers of highly absorbent * MAI-S ONE knitted fabric encased in thermoregulatory, quick-drying MM THERMO fabric. The snap system allows you to attach to a dedicated insert from the SIO system.

Night inserts are detachable boosters that increase the absorbency of dedicated SIO inserts.

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