Natural materials are airy, soft and pleasant to the touch. In addition, they do not cause allergies and irritation, and the skin underneath them breathes. They can be less resistant to friction and crease more easily.


One of the most popular natural material used is Cotton.
The advantages of cotton are:
• It has high hygroscopicity , ie the ability to absorb moisture;
• It has high tensile strength, which makes items made of this material durable.

Depending on the type of weave and thickness, cotton has heating and cooling properties which makes it perfect for winter and summer. In addition, it does not cause irritation or any allergies, which makes it an ideal fabric for underwear or children's clothes. It is a breathable material that minimizes skin sweating. For this reason, cotton clothes are especially recommended for newborns, infants and toddlers.


Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties. If has anti-fungal properties and at the same time high absorbency which dries much faster than in the case of cotton. High absorbency and drying speed are determined by the cross-section of the bamboo fibres - the micropores in each fibre into which the liquid penetrates, also facilitates its quick release during drying. In addition, scientific research clearly shows that thanks to the bactericidal properties (resulting from the natural properties of bamboo fibres), such material contains as much as 70% less bacteria than in the case of cotton!

The advantages of bamboo are:

  • It is extremely delicate and soft, and at the same time very durable;
  • It is eco-friendly;
  • It has antibacterial and antifungal properties, confirmed by laboratory tests;
  • It does not cause any allergic reactions - they are safe for our skin;
  • It perfectly absorbs water - as much as 60% better than cotton;
  • It has thermoregulatory properties - it gives a feeling of freshness and soothing coolness in hot weather, and pleasant warmth in winter;
  • It stops harmful UV radiation;
  • It is odour-absorbing - the structure of bamboo fibre retains unpleasant odours.

Bambus posiada naturalne właściwości antybakteryjne. Jeżeli dodamy do tego właściwości antygrzybiczne, a zarazem dużą chłonność ze znacznie szybszym schnięciem niż w przypadku materiałów typowo bawełnianych, to otrzymamy materiał niemal idealny. Duża chłonność oraz szybkość schnięcia są uwarunkowane przekrojem włókna bambusowego – mikropory w każdym włóknie, w które wnika ciecz, ułatwiają również jej szybkie uwolnienie podczas suszenia. Ponadto, badania naukowe jednoznacznie pokazują, że dzięki właściwościom bakteriobójczym (wynikającym z naturalnych właściwości włókien bambusowych) na takim materiale znajduje się aż o 70% mniej bakterii niż w przypadku bawełny!


To the innumerable advantages of natural organic cotton, we also add bamboo fabric which has a wide spectrum of properties. With both of these base materials used we are able to produce a wide range of Natura Line absorbent inserts. The duo of these two raw materials perfectly complement each other, giving rise to a fabric with many properties, which is successfully used for the NATURA LINE.

The high quality standards of the materials used for the production of absorbent pads are confirmed by the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate - Trustworthy Textiles.


    - SHELL and POCKET diapers.
    The inserts are made of layers of unbleached, thick and very absorbent bamboo terry cloth, while inner layer is made of unbleached, natural organic cotton.
    They come in three sizes: L, M and S.
    To achieve extreme absorbency  the S insert to  the L and M inserts.
    - Hourglass inserts for SIO SYSTEM diapers.
    The inserts are hourglass-shaped with a large absorption area on both the front and back of the insert. The inserts are made of two layers of unbleached, thick and highly absorbent bamboo terry and the inner layer is made of unbleached, natural cotton.
    The set includes a detachable booster which is also made of two layers of bamboo terry and one layer of cotton. Such a tight insert gives four very absorbent layers. The SIO hourglass insert can also be used without the booster attached, and the free booster can be added to any L, M or other SIO hourglass insert. The inserts are versatile and can be used in different ways to achieve extreme absorption. The freedom of use depends on your imagination and needs.
    The inner layers of the Cotton Organic cover inserts are natural organic cotton in the form of a soft, fluffy terry cloth with excellent absorbent properties. They are made of three layers of unbleached, thick and very absorbent cotton terry and two outer layers of unbleached natural cotton. This arrangement gives as many as 5 very absorbent layers.
    Bamboo cover inserts are made of three layers of unbleached, fleshy and highly absorbent bamboo terry cloth, and inside one layer of unbleached, natural cotton. This arrangement results in 4 very absorbent layers.
    Covers inserts have the shape of an hourglass with a large absorption area both on the front and back of the insert and waterproof "sides" in the NO-CRUSH system, which prevent moisture from getting onto the diaper. Thanks to this solution, they perfectly seal the cover and doesn’t not leave marks on the child's skin.
    The hourglass shape of the insert additionally increases its absorbent surface, giving greater capacity and generating an additional absorbent surface. The terry layers are wrapped in delicate, natural and unbleached cotton, which has a positive effect on the health and comfort of the baby's delicate skin. Cotton Organic and Bamboo cover inserts are available in two sizes:
    - size S / M (5-9 kg),
    - size L / X (9-16 kg).
    - SIO Travel Cotton Organic
    The COTTON ORGANIC insert  is made of natural organic cotton in the form of a soft, fluffy terry cloth with excellent absorption properties. The inner layer is made of three layers of unbleached and highly absorbent cotton terry and the two outer layers are made of unbleached natural cotton.  Perfect for children and parents who prefer mainly natural materials.  The inserts are made of unbleached cotton terry and 100% organic unbleached, soft cotton.  Children with sensitive skin are ensured contact with extremely delicate and natural material.  100% absorbency is obtained immediately after 8 – 10 washes. NO-CRUSH system delicately wraps around and seals the child's leg, and prevents the contents from getting out of the diaper and onto the clothes.
    The cotton organic insert is a 100% natural fabric and due to its nature can slightly shrink 5% of its length and width after been washed. This does not change the function of the insert. (This change in size and shape is not subject to complaint.)
    The material known for its absorbency, it has a loop structure. It is based on a warp made of taut yarns, around which more fluffy cotton-bamboo threads wind, creating loops. The combination of two natural materials - cotton and bamboo - into one weave, result in the creation of a fabric with a very high degree of absorbency, while maintaining natural softness and delicacy. The duo of these two raw materials perfectly complement each other, giving rise to a fabric with many properties, which is successfully used by the JUMBO absorbent insert for reusable diapers.
    JUMBO insert  is made of a pocket, a 2-piece tongue and a loose booster.
    - The absorbent insert which is made of cotton and bamboo.
    - The pocket that allows you to keep the folded layers (tongue, booster). The pocket prevents displacement and unfolding of the layers inside.
    - The 2-piece tongue allows for easy folding and thickening of sensitive areas when there is a need for increased absorption. For boys - the front of the insert, for girls - the middle of the insert. Any folding of the tongue or adding a booster that strengthens the absorption, allows you to complete a very absorbent kit that can be closed in a pocket, ensuring the stability of the fold. With a standard fold (tongue half hidden in the pocket), we get a 6-layer absorbent insert. However, when using a booster (loose JUMBO part), we get up to 8 absorbent layers.
    The main advantage of the construction of the JUMBO insert is the ability to strengthen only the most sensitive areas without the need of creating thick diaper fillings. The form of a pocket, a retractable tongue and a loose booster allows you to unfold the insert for washing and drying, which significantly shortening the drying time.The JUMBO insert is available in 2 sizes:
    - size "M" from 5 kg - 9 kg
    - size "L" from 9 kg - 16 kg
     The outer layer is made of  delicate ORGANIC COTTON  and the inner layer is made of COTTON TERRY . The fluffy and natural unbleached cotton terry fabric absorbs moisture very quickly. It is an excellent alternative for children who do not tolerate contact with synthetic materials and prefer natural fabrics. As a result, the sensitive skin of the child is in contact with the exceptionally delicate, natural and certified Cotton Organic material. The drying time is slightly longer which is a characteristic of natural materials.

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