Check before you choose diaper inserts…


The correct use of reusable diapers depends to a large extent on the proper insert located within – the so-called absorbent insert. 

The absorbent inserts are the “heart” of each reusable diaper – a well-chosen one guarantees the proper functionality of the diaper and guarantees success in using reusable diapering.

There are many options you may use when diapering your baby. Both those who prefer natural materials that come in touch with the baby’s skin and those who would choose convenient and quick-drying solutions will be satisfied with our Mommy Mouse offer.

Depending on what kind of diaper you choose the proper absorbent insert needs to be selected and placed within the diaper.

Taking care of babies’ safety, comfort and delicate skin, we only use safe and hypoallergenic materials to produce the absorbent inserts. Depending on your needs, you may choose bamboo, organic cotton, microfleece or hydro inserts.

All absorbent Mommy Mouse inserts are manufactured in our own factory in Poland. We design and sew them according to our own original idea, using high-quality materials characterized by having extremely high absorbency. Using cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers are a great way to reduce your family’s contribution to the waste stream, protect the health of your child and save money along the way.

The MM has a wide range of absorbent inserts that are compatible with the different diapering systems offered by Mommy Mouse. We also provide inserts that are compatible with other types of diapers.

The variety of absorbent inserts will satisfy your needs, even the most demanding ones but… how to choose the proper inserts?

There are a few aspects that categorize the absorbent inserts:

1. Material type:

  • NATURAL – they are made of natural materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, hemp or linen.
  • SYNTHETIC –  they are made of polyester, microfleece or thermoactive materials.

2Intended use (type of the outer part of a diaper):

  • SHELL/POCKET DIAPER – the insert and its shape play a vital role. We recommend the so-called simple insert, terry or hourglass insert (the shell)
  • SIO SYSTEM SHELL – the hourglass inserts are dedicated to this type of diaper. They include snaps, and thanks to them the insert can be easily attached to the SIO diaper (Snap-In-One) and locked within.

3. Size (weight and the physique of the child):

Due to the diverse needs and preferences of babies, the inserts break down as follows:

  • NEWBORN, S, M, L, XL, JUNIOR – intended for Shells and Pocket diapers
  • S/M, L/XL – intended for hourglass inserts that are attached to SIO diapers and Shells.

4. Expectations and desirable features of the absorbent insert:

  • ABSORBENCY – taking into account such aspects as age, weight and the physique of a child, the amount of urine excreted, the frequency of bowel movement or how often the diaper should be changed, we should choose an absorbent insert individually for each child depending on the aspects mentioned above.
  • The absorbency level depends on the type of the insert, the quality of material, the number of absorbent layers, shape, size and the general composition of the insert.
  • INDIVIDUAL NEEDS OF A CHILD – the degree of tolerance to wetness vary depending on each child. One child may be resistant to wetness but another will wake up in the dead of night because its skin does not tolerate the feeling of wetness. That’s why the type of material plays a vital role. Our ThermoMouse or microfleece materials are very absorbent and do not cause such problems.
  • COMFORT OF USE – a very important aspect both for a baby as well as for a parent. Those who prefer simple and cheaper solutions are likely to choose a common terry diaper which will be sufficient on condition that it will be properly adjusted and folded. Those who prefer comfort and simplicity may use a wide range of possible solutions that are available in our store.

The innovative inserts are complemented with our no-crush system known as Mommy Mouse “sides”. This solution will help you avoid unwanted surprises while diapering your baby.

Another important aspect concerns drying speed and vulnerability to stains – it depends on the material the insert is made of.

  • DURABILITY AND UNIVERSALITY – high-quality materials that have appropriate safety certificates will serve much longer than other inserts. They ensure safety when in touch with the child’s skin.

Additionally, the proper use, washing, drying, washing agents, the changing rate or safe storage also affect the overall service life of the insert.

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