SIO Travel Cotton Organic (soaker pad + booster)
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SIO Travel Cotton Organic (soaker pad + booster)

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The SIO Travel Cotton Organic set includes a soaker pad and a booster.  It is designed for children with sensitive skin. The natural 100% unbleached certified Organic cotton materialensures extremely delicatecontact with the child’s skin.

The SIO Travel Cotton Organic pads are made of unbleached cotton terry and 100% unbleached, delicate organic cotton. 100% absorption is obtained after about 8-10 washes.

The cotton organic pad is a 100% natural fabric and due to its nature can slightly shrink 5% of its length and width after been washed. This does not change the function of the pad. (This change in size and shape is not subject to complaint.)

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SIO Travel soaker pads are designed for long journeys, car trips or long walks.

The pads have hourglass shape like other SIO soaker pads but with a no-crush system that does not allow moisture. Inside the pad is a waterproof and vapour-permeable insert, which additionally protects the SIO diaper from soaking. Thanks to these additional anti-moisture measures, you can minimize luggage while traveling by taking one or two SIO diapers and several travel soaker pads for the whole day.

The SIO TRAVEL insert has a built-in no-crush system at the leg gussets, which perfectly seals the pad leaving no imprints on the child’s skin.The interior of the SIO Diaper will not get wet from the soaked refill, the diaper can be used several times, changing only the soiled pad.

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