Pressure-free diaper – comfort for your child!

Pressure-free diaper – comfort for your child!

Comfortable and convenient diapers that do not cause any imprints on the child’s delicate skin.

The diaper is ideal for children who are very sensitive due to excessive pressure from the elastic bands, which are a standard in reusable diapers.

Wearing underwear with excess pressure from elastic bands can make us feel uncomfortable and sometimes cause irritation and pain. The problem of excessive pressure tends to happen more often when children have got very “abundant” thighs – this causes the elastic to cut into the folds of the body and painfully rub on the skin, leaving bruises in the form of red stripes.

A good alternative that solves this problem is using the pressure-free shells that do not have elastic bands. The leg is wrapped in a delicate, flexible non frame element with the NO-CRUSH system from Mommy Mouse.

This innovative diaper is a great solution for parents who care about providing their toddler with another level of comfort.

It provides the child:

  • with unrestricted movement;
  • with space that is large enough to hold any inserts or soaker pads;
  • with an excessive fit and no pressure on the child’s body;
  • with a delicate wrap that seals the child’s leg, and prevents the contents from getting out of the diaper and onto the clothes making the diaper leak proof.

Several innovative design changes introduced to the standard construction of the Mommy Mouse diaper has created an alternative proposal for children using delightful folds and body cushions that do not pressed and knead the child’s skin.

  1. The front tapered seam is equipped with one row of fastening naps with an intentionally enlarged cut in the area of the child’s thighs.
  2. Instead of elastic bands the NO-CRUSH system delicately wraps around and seals the child’s leg, and prevents the contents from getting out of the diaper and onto the clothes. There is no need to re-arrange the flexible element at the groin area. All that is needed, is to wrap the legs thoroughly.

The innovative NO-CRUSH system gives you the option to use or not to inserts or soaker pads.

  1. The inside of the shell is filled with an AIR-FLOW mesh – a thermoregulatory material that provides the necessary air circulation and optimal temperature inside the diaper.  The delicate and thin mesh insulates the PUL from having contact with child’s sensitive skin.
  2. The diaper has been modified with smaller closure tabs that fasten the diaper and an  elastic element in the whole construction of the diaper. This modifications facilitate precise fastening without extending the tab to the child’s thigh area – which could unnecessarily restrict movement and rub on the delicate skin.

The pressure-free diaper is available in Shells diapers line and Snap-In-One (SIO) Shell diaper line. The diaper is One Size for children weighing from 4kg to 16 kg.

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