Forming Diaper (naps)

///Forming Diaper (naps)

Forming Diaper (naps)


A diaper formed differently. FORMOWANKA is a diaper that absorbs with all its surface, it is really one large zippered absorbent body.

The forming diaper is one large zippered absorbent diaper. An XL soaker pad is always attached onto the diaper.  Fits 9kg – 19kg

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Fits 9kg -19kg and is used mostly at night. The Mommy Mouse diaper has absorbent insert layers L / XL and S / M sewn into it.  The inserts can be stapled/plugged together into the diaper or attached individually to the diaper. Thanks to this solution, the diaper has a great ability to adjust its absorbency at the same time enabling the diaper to dry very quickly.

POLAR forming diaper  – ensures dryness of the child, the micro-polarization keeps the moisture away from the child’s skin and provides a feeling of comfort

THERMO forming diaper  –  ensures  excellent thermo-ventilation for the child’s skin which is a good option for hot weather.

SILKY COTTON forming diaper – 100% cotton organic which ensures children with sensitive skin an extremely delicate natural experience